Cubase 6 in MySteinberg account is displayed as SX3...?


i bought used Cubase 6; the previous user deleted this product from his MySteinberg account and i added it as a new software to my own account. I installed Cubase 6 from original dvd. The program starts with no problem, eLicenser is Ok. But In MySteinverg account my newly added Cubase 6 is displayed as “Cubase SX3”. Is it normal…? I already ordered an Update 2 (Cubase 6 >>>7.5) and I’m wondering if there will be no problem to update my cubase 6 to 7.5 (becouse to update from cubase SX3 you have to purchase a different update).

PS: in my eLicenser program is displayed as “Cubase 6”.

I would open a ticket with your local tech support. Good luck…

Does the USB key number in the My account match the one plugged into your PC and shown in the Elicenser?

Did you run the “Send eLicenser Information”, “Update eLicenser License Database”, “Maintenance”, etc.?

SteveInChicago: I’m not sure, how to check it… Any advise…?

Elektrobolt: I did it all. it doesn’t help.

The person i bot it from gave me all CD/DVD’s and its Cubase 3, 4, 5, 6 - so i guess he updated his Cubase 3 >>> 4 … > 6. But anyway - as i understand in MySteinberg account I should see cubase 6, as in my eLicenser. One more thing - the eLicenser i got with Cubase was really crappy - it woked, but the physical condition was bad. I had my own empty eLicenser - so i moved the licese to a new one. But this should’ne couse any problems…

PS: the cubase updeate 6 >>> 7.5 is already ordered - so i began to nervous…

Nothing matters except for the license you own. Open up the Elicenser app and look at it. The USB dongles are on the left, with their serial numbers, and the licenses are on the right.

It is completely separate and unrelated to what you have installed on your computer.

If the Steinberg account shows a different license than what you see in the Elicenser, this means you are looking at the wrong MySteinberg account. It’s that simple. (or there is something wrong on their side, which is extremely unlikely)

It can’t be wrong account. I have only one MySteinberg account. I added new software by entering the code i have with Cubase 6 update from previous version. Anyway - now i’m waiting for my purchased cubase 6 >>> 7.5 update to arrive; really hope there will be no problem during update…

Have you tried opening cubase 6? That will be the tell-tale. If it doesn’t open, then you don’t have the license to run it.

I wrote it in my first post - Cubase 6 works fine :slight_smile: