Cubase 6 Install - already have HSE

Sorry if this has been asked a millionm times before. I have just re-built my main box with Windows 7. I bought the Cubase 6 Upgrade from Cubase 5, and it is now installing. I also have a full version of HALion Symphonic Orchestra.

My question is, do I install the soundset for HSE included with the Cubase 6 upgrade package, install the original HSE, or both, and in what order?

As a supplementary question, is it worth me updating the HALion Sonic trial to a full version if I am going to be using HSE all the time as I do?

It’s my understanding that if you install the HSO that comes with Cubase 6 it will run as full version from the licence you already have on your elicencer.

You just need to install the new sound set for HSO… then, all will work (on your existing license), inside of HALSonic SE…

See here, 8th item down…

As to your secondary question, well, install it anyway and try it - see if you find you’re having (more) fun with that trial version with its (I presume) extra editing and increased functions over the SE version. Then, that has to kind of inform your final decision…

Many thanks - the elicenser does indeed have my original HSO 24-bit version so it should be picked up.

The original HSO came on 4 DVD’s, whereas the new HSO Soundset is on one DVD - does that mean it is a cut-down version?

Finally, picking up your comments about Halion Sonic SE vs Full Halion Sonic, if all I want to do is use it as a player, then the SE version is fine, and I get all teh same soundsets. Is this correct?

Many thanks.

Not sure - the original had both the 24bit and 16bit editions together (didn’t it…?) so that may explain the 4 DVD concern. You’re right of course about the new soundset on one DVD, but now I think about it, I can’t easily explain that…! :confused: For instance, I don’t know if the new DVD soundset is limited in only updating a subset of the original (bigger…?) library - which is the main concern of your final point, below.

If its any help, its all working fine for me - I’m not noticing that I’ve ‘lost’ anything per se. But I did only have the 16 bit ‘special offer’ purchase of HSO installed. And all I did when I got C6, was to install the new HSO Soundset (following the advice from the SB FAQ link I quoted above). This (the 16bit version) may have been a limited (sound library) edition anyway.

Well, sorry, I’m not sure about all the same soundsets in both Full and SE editions. The full version might well have many more. Maybe have a browse around the main SB site product pages and see if you can get some answers on that one.

Good luck…!