Cubase 6 - Install as Administrator Issue

I installed Cubase 6 - 64 bit on my Windows 7 PC with one of 2 administrator accounts. On the administrator account I used for the install, the sound works when I play a production. On the other administrator account or another non-administrator account, the sound doesn’t work. I know that the sound is setup correctly since I can play a youtube video or an MP3 with Windows Media Center and I hear sound coming out of my speakers.

Is this a known issue with Cubase 6? If so, is there are known workaround for this issue without running Cubase as the administrative user that installed it? I like to avoid doing work as the administrator since it prevents viruses and other malicious code from getting onto your PC.

Any help is appreciated!


Anthony D-Rock

I guess nobody else is having or cares about this issue? I’ve been looking at recent updates and none of them fix this issue. This is definitely a security hole as the best practice is to install as an Administrator account and use software as a Non Administrator account.

I’m guessing most users install and use as administrator - I do for sure. I realise this may be a security issue, but I rather take a risk in that respect, than having non-functioning software (WL has always been very picky about this in the past too).

Luck, Arjan

Most people just have one instance of Cubase installed. You’ve probably just confused your computer.

Is the sound inside the other two Cubase versions set? ie: In / Out connections etc?

When you do a multi-profile installation, each user has their own preferences. You will need to configure Cubase for each user that logs in. Starting with Device Setup, then VST Connections.

By the way, being able to hear Youtube or Media player through your computer speakers has nothing to do with having a DAW set up properly for using the audio interface of the PC. It doesn’t prove a thing.

It does put a lot of config stuff in the profile it’s installed to…if the last rec will fix that…cool…if not, log in with the admin account and copy all the files from the Users\AppData\ (dont remember)\Steinberg folders from the admin account it was installed to into the same directory structure on the non admin account.

IF…this doesn’t work. A trick we use at work for crappy written software :slight_smile: is to give the user admin privs…install the app in their profile…then revoke their admin privs. You could try that as well.

Mine is offline…I run as admin. I think…I’ll take them away and see if everything works. It’s weird…I don’t remember having admin privs on my normal logon account…but then several plugs needed Cubase run once with admin privs to properly authorize…maybe I never took them back away. :slight_smile: