Just bought the upgrade to 6.0. Couldn’t find the topics for these questions. Sorry if already answered.

  1. How can I install Cubase 6 and still keep 5.52 for use on my mac (PacPro with 10.67)

  2. Is it recommended that I trash my old prefs and rebuild from scratch with C6?

  3. Do I need to recreate my templates from scratch or can I use Templates from V5 and just edit them and re-save with the same template name in V6 and copy over my V 5 templates.

  4. I have read that some V6.02 users including Mac users are experiences worse performance over V6. Would I expect the same performance vs V 5.52 with 6.02?


Hi. When you install C6, C5 will still be there, just another iconto open if you want it. I have read stories here about those who open C5 projects in C6 and it seems that the consensus is to continue to open C5 projects in C5, and then create new prefs in C6 and go from there with new projects. I have done this and all is good.

As to the performance of C5 over C6. well that is on a case by case basis it seems. For me, and understand that I started fresh with my prefs, I think C6 performs better than C5. The Reverence plugin performs better, and the LoopMash2 performs better than LoopMash(1). …And these are CPU heavy programs, keep in mind.

I read where others think otherwise but I definitely think C6 overall is a better program than C5, and my PC is not working as hard as it was. ??? So try it, make your own decision.

Oh, as to the 6.00 or 6.01 vs 6.02, I’m PC and I am not running heavy midi like some are. I think these folks need to be listened to if you are heavy midi. Also many here are using the warp tool more than I do, which means you should check those possible issues out - if there are any. Honestly, it seems most of the problems I have read about comes from loading C5 projects into C6, something I don’t do. Eh, so transitions can be harder for some, especially those who want to move there projects from C5 to C6.