Cubase 6 installing issue

I bought a new MacBook Pro osx 10.9.4. I tried to install Cubase 6 several times but it doesn’t work properly.
I already updated the Elicencer and tried Cubase 6.0.7 update. It works with a lot of error.

I called the local seller and they said that I have to get a Cubase 7.5. If there is a way,
I want to work with my Cubase 6. Do you have any idea for that?

Best Regards

Cubase 6 is not officially supported for 10.9. That said, it is a bit odd that it would not install at all. Are you installing from your original C6 disc? What is the error you receive during the installation?

For use on 10.9, I would recommend Cubase 7.5. That said, if you are going to use C6 on 10.9, I would suggest checking out this article:[keyword_search]=CoreAudio2ASIO