Cubase 6 IS A BEAST!!!

Lovin this Cubase 6. Got it in the mail, installed it, made sure it worked and then proceeded to watch the quick start tutorials. This week began working in it and composing a track and LoopMash is addictive, Groove Agent is much improved, Drum replacement is ridiculously easy, and visually to me it’s easy on the eyes. I could go on and on about the fact that I have not had this much fun making a song in a long time. I used Logic Pro 9 for my last project and it’s nice and I did some great work in it, but to me it’s midi features are not on the level of Cubase and I do a lot of midi sequencing and manipulating and use a lot of VSTs. Although I enjoy the Logic’s environment and connecting things (ie Reasonesque), but in Cubase 6 Creativity First is more than just a catchy slogan or nice idea. I am able to get ideas down quickly and efficiently. Keep it coming Steinberg!!!

Ridiculously Excited!!!

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Sssssssssh … :confused: they’re working on C7!!! :sunglasses:

Aloha U,

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You took the words out of my mouth!Only i replace the “working with midi” with “working with audio”.My own experience shows that logic 9 audi editing, doesnt come close to cubase 6. Nice to know that in midi its the same way. :laughing:


agreed, had a few issues with 5.0.1-5.5.3 but 6.0.1 is rock solid. well done Steinberg.

I agree absolutely.
Man, remember the old fights about “Who´s using the best DAW?”
Many people I know still use ProFools, don´t know why…in no area it´s superior to Cubase.


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Cubase 6 is indeed the shit! 6.0.1 is working out well for me… the timestretch bug for higher sample rates is solved, and it’s just bloody all around POWERFUL. That’s what we want!

I can’t wait till polyphonic drum replacement is a reality (i.e., Cubase detecting differences in the sonic makeup between transients and applying each its separate pitch when sending to MIDI notes), in addition to plugins for removing either the tonal elements or percussive elements from an audio clip and keeping what’s left. That’d come in REAL handy!

Anyway, yeah, Steinberg’s on a roll here, seriously! I’m very, very pleased with the direction they’re headed. Now, if they would JUST work on the drivers for the MR816csx a bit more… then we’d be square!

By the way: ProTools is very good in recording because the TDM hardware offers low latency like nowhere else. You can monitor what you record and that’s more than important because you need to hear what you are doing. The is a reason why professional use ProTools. It’s the hardware (bussing) system. The Steinberg 816 direct monitoring (with fx) is still amateur in comparison…

I think you meant to say “the reason why SOME professionals use ProTools.”




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Nice to see a positive thread here for a change! ROK \m/