I’ve just installed Cubase 6 32bit /win XP prof SP3 –
and I have to say what a fantastic aesthetic improvement !!

For those users who are just as much affected by the ’ look ’ of a programme as it’s purely
hard nosed functionality, this upgrade is a MUST !

I had watched the NAM demos on Youtube and some on Steinbergs website but they don’t do it justice.

THANKYOU ! :smiley:
I love it

I agree. C6 just looks plain awesome. Doesn’t make your eyes tired at all and altogether the theme works extremely well. Haven’t seen more beautiful software to date - and I’ve seen a lot of them. Makes my 25-35 hour lunatic mixing sessions the way nicer experience :slight_smile:

25-35 hours??? :open_mouth: I did 15 hours straight last Friday and just about had a brain aneurysm. :laughing:

25-35 hours straight??? WHAT!!! Are you serious???

25-35 hours - that’s it? Wimp.


Until you realize a day later that you have to do it again due to hearing fatigue, right? :sunglasses:

Luck, Arjan

The diaper rash gets me before hearing fatigue.

jalusblu I think I am like you: I am “just as much affected by the ’ look ’ of a programme as it’s purely
hard nosed functionality
:stuck_out_tongue: , and the first thing I check when an update is released is the “aesthetic improvement”, then of course, after that, I dig into the new funtionalities offered…

Here’s my question to you: in Cubase5, when we changed some interface color preferences, we needed to restart Cubase in order to see the effect of the change, and that was very annoying since sometimes you had to redo this procedure 4 or 5 times before you get the colors the way you wanted them… sometimes I stayed with a less than perfect color choice because I didn’t want to restart the program one more time… So, is it still like this in Cubase6??? Or can we modify the all the colors and see the change right away? If so, then I think I will buy the upgrade right now instead of in a couple of weeks… :smiley:


After just a couple of hours every change seem like an improvement and then you know you been at it too long!
:open_mouth: :laughing:
So keep some “headroom” and avoid getting even near that zone, then take a break, and I think you’d work faster and more focused than just pretend you’re Clark Kent or something, because nobody is.

Except Clark Kent …

Hi Stevo8

You still have to restart the application ! :slight_smile:
but it’s well worth the effort.