Cubase 6 is the best version of Cubase EVER.

I just got my copy of Cubase 6 tonight… so far, I believe this is the best version of Cubase ever. I love the new GUI additions… everything seems to run rock solid - and I am on Windows XP! Amazing job Steinberg!!! You guys are awesome. I can’t wait to make music with it!

After a day of using it, I would concur. C6 rocks!

+1 one week later and still no issues ,its running unbelievably stable ,never had cubase this stable before (apart from the odd minor bug )there was always some issue with install or setup ,my hats off to you steiny !



Yep totally!
a few annoying bugs are surfacing, as you would expect, but with the new forum the mods DO seem to be acknowledging them pretty rapidly!
With the baseline stability apparently pretty rock solid, hopefully that will be a good indication that these things should be sorted out fairly soon in maintenance updates :smiley:

But yeah NO hangs, crashes, weirdness etc which is stunning for an n.0.0 release!

Install was extremely easy.

The very first time I launched the program I got:
a minor issue when a prompt came up at the end of my boot that said my temp license for Halion ??? had expired and that cubase would most likely crash should I continue. So what did I do, I hit continue. And what happened, Cubase quit.

And then what did I do, I laughed caused it did tell me that would happen, why should I be surprised.
But I was a tad concerned, which went away the moment I double clicked on the C6 icon again.

This time I launched perfectly and so far so good.

Now I guess I need to find that old Halion whatever (I don’t remember the 2nd half of the name, Halion has so many different versions since it’s inception…a typical Steinberg scenario, adding all kinds of names to a product…)
and get it out of my system.

I see more trial programs on the C6 install disc.
I guess there’s an un-installer for them if I decide to install them and they time out eventually.

but C5 ran with no problem till now since it was installed and that Halion whatever timed out, so I guess it’s kind of a background thing…still would be nice for a menu to come up and say, this software has expired, would you like to purchase it or uninstall it? ((or better yet, would you like to use it on a trail basis one more period?) lol

To use a trial you need to activate it with the code included in the package.

When it runs I don’t know if you can delete the license or if it stays in your key (annoying if it does).

Working with Cubase 6 for over a week now. Have been (re)mixing some (old) projects. And I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I believe the sound quality is slightly better too!

Maybe it’s between my ears, but even then I won’t complain :wink:

Furthermore, it seems to be very stable, but I never had any real problems with Cubase’s stability before. Maybe because my job is being a sysadmin, so I know how to fix stuff and find errors, but it’s always stable on my workstations. I even used Vista for like 2 years without any troubles.

So, I’m really happy ATM, besides the slight changes I don’t understand:

  • Why not basic coloring for FX channels?
  • Why is a group-channel and FX-channel the same for Cubase when I click: color similar tracks ?
  • I had to search for my current project settings, I like to see them in my screen constantly

Because now Cubase6 looks and acts like in ProTools!

In terms of sound quality, if you use audio warp in your projects - on loops for example - you will probably hear a difference when you use the new èlastique algorithms. When your project has many warped audio tracks, this should be even more obvious.

But you have to be aware that you won’t hear the new algo automatically when you load a Cubase 5 project in Cubase 6. You have to select a different algo for each audio event. A quick way to do this is by opening the pool and selecting all audio events. Then it’s just one click to change to a different algo for all events. The difference is remarkable. Just tried it here with just four tracks. You should also check out the special algorithm presets “èlastique PRO - Formant Pitch” which supports polyphonic pitch shifting with formant correction and “èlastique PRO - Formant Tape” which is a unique combinination of tape mode and formant correction. That one sounds really cool on vocals…

Maybe you should take it out of the box before deciding. :wink:

Oh, you DID take it out of the box … but, surely, you can’t tell whether it’s the best version ever, versus a hugely disappointing, giant step backwards, til you actually use it, can you?

Also, the warping of short one shot sounds is much better now than with C5,
no matter whether you use the new elastique algorithm or the old ones.
Just give it a try.
If you combine the right sound with the right preset this really rocks I guess.
There’s practically no limitation in the stretch amount if the warp algorithm preset supports it…

putting aside the issues with flattening 96 and 48khz files it is absolutely jaw droppingly good!!!
MPEX was the most god awful and even insulting attempt at time stretching ever!!! it was dreadful!!!
The new time stretching algorithms really are a complete departure from their predecessors… i was slightly sceptical when i saw the youtube webinar where it was demonstrated… pretty easy to hide artefacts with youtube’s notoriously crappy audio but having used it a fair bit for the past week it really is something else!!!

Re Cubase’s new time-stretching algorithms: are they what Reaper has had for quite some time? I’d heard of Cubase users who’d adopted Reaper for time stretching.

Yes, it should.
Don’t know if it spits out absolutely the same since reaper may do some additional processing or whatever, but basicly yes.

“The new time stretching algorithms really are a complete departure from their predecessors… i was slightly sceptical when i saw the youtube webinar where it was demonstrated… pretty easy to hide artefacts with youtube’s notoriously crappy audio but having used it a fair bit for the past week it really is something else!!!”

The new Elastique algo’s are the main reason for having upgraded to C6. Just couldn’t resist after seeing (and hearing) those youtube videos. Terrific stuff, those new pro algo’s.

Just want to say I really appreciate Onno’s presence here in the forum.
Very much looking forward to the update with Elastique pro default preferences :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add my thanks here to Steinberg for a stable and great-value update. After about 10 days I haven’t hit any major bugs, and none that disrupt my usual workflow – in fact I find myself working longer and more creatively because … it’s just so much fun!

So all in all, C6 is a big jump guys?..good to see one of Steinys programmers helping out…amd Mat are you serious that the stretching is actually useable??..if so, Im upgrading!..i’ve been waiting for 4 yrs for them to sort it, so alls well that ends well! :smiley:

yes, no doubt the best so far … :sunglasses:

Cubox? :laughing: