Cubase 6+Komplete 4 - How to get a crash report?

Hello! I would like to ask this.
I’ve updated Cubase regularly since Cubase 4, not so for NI Komplete 4, mostly because of past projects.
Now, I have problem in which, I load a project and it freezes 50% of the time on a Native Instruments loading screen (not sure for which instrument). After freezing I have to force the program to quit using the Process Manager. I can’t tell you how much this destroys my workflow! xD

Anyways, since it crashes before the project loads, I don’t really get a crash report, and Since Cubase 6 is so new and Komplete 4 a bit old: Are there any compatibility problems with theses two?
Is there any way to know exactly which instrument is the one that is crashing?
I’ll update NI Komplete to 7 if I am guaranteed it will not crash. =)

System Spec:
Windows 7 x64, Cubase 6 32 bit
Presonus Firebox.