Cubase 6 LE - 6.0.7 upgrade won't install / update !!!

Hi All,

Have got Cubase 6 LE installed (6.0.5) and have downloaded 6.0.7 update - to only find out that it starts to load (6.0.7) and then another pop up flashs and nothing happens !!! :frowning:

Is there a fix or known way to update Cubase 6 LE (6.0.5) to the new (current) version 6.0.7 ? :question:

Hi and welcome,

I would say either the 6.0.7 update is already installed, or the installer cannot find the application (but it should display a message – what could be the flash). Is your Cubase 6.0.5 installed in the common default folder? Or did you move it?