Cubase 6 LE and VST Instruments

Hello all :slight_smile:

I’ve just bought an interface (ESI UGM96) that came bundled with Cubase 6 LE. I have installed it, but I’m having problems seeing the VST Instruments that I have (Amplitube, Tapeworm, and a Hammond VB3 plugin). I have used them previously with Ableton Lite, and in the case of Tapeworm and VB3, you can see the control panel of the instrument in a separate window. I haven’t used Amplitube with Ableton, as I have since had a problem with the programme, and I had to erase it from the hard drive, but I have used it as a stand-alone and it works fine.

I know that Cubase LE is a very stripped down programme, but should I be able to view these VST instruments in a separate window, or is this one of the limitations of the programme?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

It’s ok, I’ve just found a post that answers my questions :slight_smile:

Everything seems to be running well now…

:question: Hi victorlodorum,
May I ask how you solved the problem? Is there VST Instruments selection in Cubase LE 6?