Cubase 6 LE elicenser

I got a zoom R24 and cubase 6 le is was send with it as a part of the software.

I installed cubase 6 le and during registration with the elicenser, the elicenser got the code right. But when i install cubase 6 le, i can’t use the code because it is already in use.

As i can see it know i got a the code so the elicenser can work. The same code is used for the elicenser as well as for cubase 6 le. When it is used for the elicenser it can’t be used anymore for cubase 6 le?

Please help because steinberg support is not responding

If your LE 6 is showing up in the eLCC as a “Full” license, you should be good to go.

What do you mean by “I can’t use the code” when you try to install Cubase? I’m not sure why it would be asking for a code during installation. Are you talking about the pop-up box thing when you first launch the program? Does it give you an option for something like “already registered”?

Does your Soft-eLicenser show up in your MySteinberg account with your LE 6 license?

Have you installed the latest eLCC?

Thank you for your help.

No it’s not the elicenser says I have the program registred and good to use. But the License activation, which appears when you use Cubase 6 LE and want to activate the program, tells me the activation code is already in use and can only be obtained once. So my question is how do i get cubase 6 LE to contact the elicenser. So cubase 6 le knows that i have the license? |Is there a button?

The helpdesk isn’t of much help, they just emailed me the steps which were in the manual as well. I gues i have to wait another week for an anser

What exactly happens when you try to launch Cubase?

I’m still confused.

Here’s how it works: a license is stored on your physical USB Key or on your computer’s HD. eLicenser Control Center is software on your computer that either reads the licenses on the USB Key or on your HD. When buying a new license (or upgrade license) you get an activation code to activate the license on your USB Key or HD. This can ofcourse be done only once.

All of this is not related to any Steinberg software installed on your computer - until you want to run this software. While starting up Cubase (in this example) contacts eLCC to check if there is a valid license connected to the computer. eLCC reports either yes or no and the result is accordingly…

Okay it took me a complete day to figure it out.

The problem with the elicenser on cubase le6 is it doesn’t have a code on an USB stick. the description of cubase was telling differently. The confusion started because my zoom r24 came with cubase le6 cd and a usb stick. The usb stick had a different function.

The elicenser is doing only a register check on the internet so you have to obtain an account and an you have to tell or register that you’re gonna use cubse 6 le. This is during the install of the elicenser. Only then does the elicenser has the right activation code.

When the elicenser is installed with code and everything, then you can install cubase 6 le. Only then does cubse 6 le and the elicenser work properly.

The problem is that the install sequence is different on the cd. First they let you install cubse 6 le and then they let you install the elicenser and do the registration, which is wrong.

So when things don’t work with the elicenser you have to deinstall everything and start from scratch