Cubase 6 Licence Transfer


Please forgive me if this has been asked before but I’m new to the forum.

If possible I would like to transfer my Cubase 6 licence to my MacBook Pro as I don’t like using the dongle.

I’d it possible for me to do this? I’very read that you can do it with Cubase Elements.

I greatly appreciate all help with this.


1st post. Welcome. :wink:

Cubase 6 needs to run with a USB eLicenser plugged in. So you can install it to the Macbook but you would still need the dongle for it to work. If you had a version of Cubase (like elements) that works from a soft-eLicenser then yes, you could move it to a different computer by following the instructions for reactivation here.

Good luck.

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Once you transfer a license from soft elicenser to a dongle it can’t be moved back, though.