cubase 6 : mediabay issues- tempo detection etc...

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ok, i saw some audio files in mediabay that allready had a (wrong) bpm in attributes. so i filtered all files with the false 120bpm attribute and used check tempo. good stuff. most of them were corrected.
i did however get some files with bpms of 706688.88 and other ridiculous numbersā€¦

my questions:
:can i remove the unwanted bpm out of files via mediabay? - if not, then how?
: can i do a batch job to remove tempo tags from all files? (seems that mediabay has no problems to sync the audio if there is no detected bpm displayed in it)
:is it not possible for mediabay to check tempo another time once its been detected earlier?

-on the side, i have noticed that when a file had the attribute yes = write protect and pending tags - i had to write pending tags to file and then click add protection , then, click remove protection for the lock to disapearā€¦

thx for reading and for any help=))

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ok, hopefully someone has some sort of inputā€¦

a solution, a bug confirmation, workaround, anything?

p.s. I have also noticed that when all results of mediabay are selected (ctrl+a) , I can only deselect them when i close and reopen mediabay.,ā€¦

again, thx for any help


sure, just select the files you want to to remove it from, go to the attribute editor, change to dynamic then right click tempo > remove attribute
this removes it from the files


thx for clarifying that Xtigma=))

didnt see the attribute inspector yetā€¦ lolā€¦ well if this isnt a rtfm moment , i dont know what is :stuck_out_tongue:

-the *select all and little lock" bugs (if i may call them that) are cosmeticsā€¦ functionality is given !=)

thx again Xtigma=)

The ā€œCheck Tempoā€ feature in Cubase 6 MediaBay does not seem to be working in several loops cropped to full bar.
This feature not even mentioned in the manualā€¦

Hey SB, when will you finish this feature?

I have the same kind of bugs. Some loops are being detected as 120BPM, which is the wrong tempo. Very annoying, I have to remove that tempo manually everytime.

MediaBay is a very powerful tool but unfortunatelly, SB donā€™t seem to take it seriously enough the fix it. I hope they do in C7!