Cubase 6 metronome problem

Hi, I’m playing back audio tracks and the metronome (click) randomly stops and starts and plays for 3 bars then stops and starts up again…you get the picture :slight_smile:
I’m using a fixed tempo audio click 120bpm through the control room for the headphones. We are re-recording drums using 1 mixed track no drums, and we’ll use the click for the tempo. Pretty simple but I can’t seem to pinpoint what is causing this synch problem???
I’ve tried different projects and the results are the same.

I’m using Cubase 605 64bit on Windows 7 64bit which is hooked up to a M-Audio ProjectMix externaly synched to an Focusrite Octopree Dynamic (Adat) and I sample at 48, 24bit. all the project info and pool are all at the proper tempos…
Latency is at 5.125 and I’m using a buffer of 128

Chack my post: same problm

Sorry to hear you’re having the same problem, I recently re-installed Win7 and did everything fresh…still same problem this morning after messing around in the metronome setup…, still looking :wink: