Cubase 6 Metronome

Quick “pre-sales” question - can you render the metronome to audio in C6? Please for the love of God say yes…

Currently I adress the click to an external MIDI device. Then I record the audio output of this external device to an audio track.
Sometimes I send the click to a virtual instrument which then is addressed to a different audio output.

Hmm, this is disappointing! I know to some people this is a non issue but when you’re dealing with long tracks, with many time signature changes and are sending files to other musicians to learn, having to render in realtime is a real pain in the butt. Especially when all my physical I/O’s are taken up with other devices, and the track is likely to change.

Was really hoping Steiny had seen to this - not like people haven’t asked for it! Oh well. Don’t suppose you know of any good metronome VST’s do you? I can only find old ones which don’t work with C5 (and presumably wouldn’t with C6)!

You’re right, but now I think there is just this possibility.
Among the various VST’s you have drumkits and you can try to change the midi note to get the sound you are interested.

The click is basically “tacked on” in VST Connections.

It’s not an instrument and doesn’t fall under any form of track type.

With successive versions of Cubase the inbuilt metronome has become more and more stable, so the best I can want to hope for is that this will continue, as I don’t use VSTi’s for the metronome, since it is to me what a textpad is to a developer.

A compromise, I know… I have a folder of click WAVs and it takes me very little time to drop one on a new “Click” audio track and copy/paste it to every beat. Doing it exponentially helps save time (Insert one, copy. Select the two, copy, paste after. Select the four, copy, paste after. Select the 8, copy, paste after. etc.) Then just solo that audio track and do an offline bounce in Cubase to render out.

You can even have a track like this already pre-made as part of Cubase’s auto-load template, and make it an arbitrary length for convenience, like 5 minutes of clicks @ 120. Because the clicks are individual regions, any tempo map changes will make sure they remain locked to the beats (assuming the track is in musical mode).

I am not 100% sure, if this works, but you can use midi click (like GrooveAgent One vst) in metronome setup instead of audio click and than render the vst through audio export.

I know 100% that won’t work off-line. But maybe if you bussed it to an audio track and recorded in realtime. But then you’re still left with the issue of having to wait for it to record in realtime.