Cubase 6 MIDI Instrument Help

I recently switched over from Cubase 5 on my laptop to Cubase 6 on my iMac, and I want to transfer some of the VST instruments over. Is that possible?
I have them all on a jump drive, but where do I find the reference folder on my iMac where the instruments are held?
Is there a difference between Mac and PC?

Thanks, T.

Put them anywhere if VST2 and point to the directory via Plugin Info-VST2.x Paths. If VST3, look to the manual or Knowledge Base for instructions.

Apologies, I’m very new at this kind of thing. Not so tech savvy.

I have HALionOne5, Groove Agent ONE and Embracer I put on a jumpdrive from my laptop (with Cubase 5).

Could I bother for a detailed description of how to make it so those instruments appear when I open a new instrument track?

Are those not in c6? I guess halionone was replaced…if your laptop is a pc, yes, executable code is different for different OSs. The DLLs from the PC will do Nothing on the Mac. You need the Mac files.

But, those are all built ins. I’m not sure why you’re trying to transfer them…if you just want your custom programs for them, that should translate from one OS to another, but you want the .vstpreset files and not the DLLs themselves.

Ok, perhaps they are and I haven’t noticed.
Though those weren’t the most important, I have a pack of electronic instruments I downloaded free on my PC, so if I understand correctly, they won’t be able to function on my Mac.
So if I do re-download Mac-compatible versions of those instruments, how then would I insert them into Cubase?