Cubase 6 MIDI sounding too long

09/09/2012 SOLVED.
Chanced on the answer myself. Changed ASIO driver from ASIO4All to DirextX full Duplex driver and it worked. After trashing preferences a “generic low-latency driver” also worked. However all notes still sounded for too long using ASIO4All.

Hello Cubase Forum.

I have simplified the test to a Project with 2 4-beat notes on one MIDI track, which is the Project’s only track.
There is a space of 113 Ticks between the end of the first note and the beginning of the second. The track is set to MIDI channel 1, as are the two notes. The voice is 20 = Organ.
Both notes continue to sound to 115% of their actual length, i.e. about 4 1/2 beats.
A German member suggested I set the track output to loopMIDI. So I engaged loopMIDI and Bome’s MIDI translator to get the notes to sound “outside” Cubase. The “sounding-15%-too-long” effect described below was still there. In addition the Cubase MIDI-activity meter clearly showed a double-pulse at the end of the 1st note, and a pulse at the moment the first note ceased to sound, i.e. at 115% of the note’s actual length.

It looks like it’s something specific to the Windows 7 tower PC I am using. On loading Cubase 6.5.3 on my Windows 7 laptop, all note durations were correct, i.e. 100% of their length. The 115% effect is specific to my PC.


I am having a problem with MIDI in Cubase 6.5 and 6.5.3 . I have searched for posts referring to the subject but haven’t found one which helps.
The description refers to a particular MIDI recording but the same thing is happening with every project.

An example consists of a MIDI ‘piano’ track and a MIDI ‘vocal line’, designed for choir practice.
The MIDI tracks are on different channels.
The MIDI channel assignment of each MIDI event in a given track matches the channel set in the Inspector.
There are no audio or instrument tracks.

The entity started as a MIDI file, which was imported into MIDI Maestro, Cubase Studio 4.5 and Cubase 6.5 on the same PC.

MIDI Maestro plays the thing back perfectly.
Cubase Studio 4.5 plays the notes correctly, but with a random hesitation resembling rubato every 20-60 seconds.
There is no spiking of CPU load corresponding to the hesitations.

Cubase 6.5 displays no jittering.
However each note plays about 15% longer than indicated in the Key Editor.
An initial breve (8 beats) sounds about a crotchet (1 beat) too long.
If another note is played, both sound together for a beat, although no overlap is shown in Key Editor.

In 6.5, if a note was followed by another at the same pitch the second note did not sound at all.
The space between such notes could be as much as 113 ticks.

6.5.3 through a MIDI keyboard plays both (same pitch) notes but with a clearly audible overlap.
6.5.3 through the PC’s soundcard seems to continue playing the first note at the velocity of the second after the changeover. Then after the first note 115% mark there is silence.

This may be irrelevant, but I saw no Note Off sends on the Transport MIDI activity display for 6.5.
6.5.3 does display what seems to be note-off activity, but at 115% of the actual note length.

This may also be irrelevant, but when using precount the bpm of the precount is about 15% slower than the bpm of recording and playback.

I am hoping that some subtle or not-so-subtle setting alteration will help this.