Cubase 6 MIDI With Groove Agent 3 Question

I’ve run Cubase SL2.0 for years and have become accustomed to four “sub” MIDI/audio channels that accompany each MIDI channel automatically. I never had a real need to add more so don’t know if it’s possible to do so. Cubase 6 doesn’t seem to work this way; once I open up Groove Agent 3 anyway.

When I open up a project in Cubase 6 that was created in Cubase SL 2, it comes up with the main MIDI channel and 4 sub audio channels; just like it was. (first picture) However, once I put Groove Agent 3 into the VST Instrument rack, 3 of those channels go away and I’m left with only 1, (second picture).
This is a drag because while GA3 has12 available outputs, they’re of no use without these additional audio channels to run them through.

I have GA3 configured to use 6 of these outputs, (kick =1, snare=2, toms=3, hi-hat=4, ride=5, crash=6), but only what is sent out of channel 1 gets heard because of this. The only way to hear them is to send them all out of channel 1 but then I loose the custom COMP & EQ settings that are available for each of the 12 outputs in GA3.

I hope I explained this well enough and also hope there’s something simple I’m missing. I know there’s much I need to learn in my move up 4 versions of Cubase. Does anybody know how to add these additional “sub” tracks under the main MIDI track?


In the Instruments rack, there is a small button on the left of the instrument name that allows you to configure outputs. Click on that and add the outputs you want, then they’ll show up in the mixer.

Fantastic! I was hoping it was something simple like that. Can’t wait to give it a whirl when I get home from work tonight.

Thanks million…