Cubase 6 ... mmm not to impress for now !

I got my Cubase 6 upgrade last Week but only add some time to really check it out today and I most say not to impress for now … but again it just came out so there will be some tweaking to do … but for now …

1- can’t make new template … I can work around that

2- can’t save new project … That’s a little harder to work around … every time I create a new project after a couple of minutes when the auto save start I get this message : The Project could not be saved, because : The project is corrupt! The previous version of the project has been left unchanged. but the funny that is that only corrupt in Cubase 6 … cubase 5 is still working great. The only thing I can’t think of is that I’m using NTFS for Mac® OS X 8.0 by Paragon Software.

3- The DVD for the trial version of Halion Sonic are defect so now my trial started without the software … LOL

Saving stuff is something that should have been checked on the beta test or something … I’m not gonna start with the Unhappy customer routine Because Cubase is by far my favorite DAW and you know that I’m not gonna change my mind anytime soon, but come on guy’s.

Something wrong here unconnected to Cubase per se but it could be a corrupted hard disk or CD.
Things should be working for you as they are for most. Try contacting your supplier or support for new disks. Someone else has reported this so there could well be a bad batch.

I thought I read somewhere that if you trash your preferences that should take care of the template problem

I just Deleted the preference and everything look ok for the new template creation and saving new project

I will let you know

See you

Ok I gave up for now … gonna use Cubase 5 and wait for a update

I trashed my preferences it did fixed the template creation but not the problem with saving project I still got the same msg … The Project could not be saved, because : The project is corrupt! :imp:

Please don’t tell me it’s something to do with a bad HD or something like that … cubase 5 work so cubase 6 should also work

maybe your dvd drive is on it’s way out :question: Here’s a suggestion to determine if it’s shot. Try and load up the original OSX install disk (hold down c), and see if it reads it. If it does then it might be a defect in the cubase install disk cheers!

Is this because you are using external storage?
Did you try to save it to your mac’s harddrive?

My DVD Drive work perfect for all the other CD and DVD that I have and installed (Komplet 5 - 6 - 7, Logic 9, BFD 2 and a lot of other stuff) so i’m like 99.9999% sure it’s a bad disk

and for the NTFS for mac I did install Windows 7 64 Pro with Bootcamp and since Mac OSX don’t write to a NTFS Partition, it only read it I had to install that add on for mac. I will probably re format the DATA disk that hold all the sample library in OSX and delete the Bootcamp partition just in case but since Cubase 5 still work great on the same setup I don’t have a lot of hope

I did try something this afternoon … I created a Project on the OSX drive that is still in original mac format and got the same corrupted project message !

Thanks a lot for you feedback … have a nice day

Steinberg are renowned at “breaking” non-compliant softwares.

You really need to do things exactly by the book.

It might be due to some problem with a plugin (not being compatible with CB6).
Did you try to save with no plugins loaded whatsoever?
Sounds to me like a dodgy .dll file from a VST.

I’m really HAPPY to report that after doing all the stuff that i talked about in my previous post that my C6 is finally up and running … I left it running all day long today and also a good part of last night … :open_mouth:

P.S. I’m sorry for all the mac user that I offended by installing MS on a Mac :unamused: but i’m back in the fold now

Have a Great Day