Cubase 6, mp3 encoding license

After installing Cubase 6, I noticed on my USB key a “demo license” for some “mp3 encoding” with 20 encodings left, or something like that… (I’m not @ my computer right now, just remember this issue)

What does that mean? What is this demo license? Does that mean I can export 20 mp3 encoded mixdowns and then have to pay?

Somebody can explain?

Hi TabSel,

As you bought Cubase 6 you have unlimited exports of mp3s. Therefor, after the demo license expires you will still be able to export mp3s. :slight_smile:

Good to know - thanks !
Should be added to Cubase 6 FAQ.


Hi, I’ve Cubase 6 full, on my eLicenser control center I see “MP3 Encoder, Steinberg, Local, Sel, Demo, Expired, Expiration date 2011-05-03, remaining starts 20”.

After reading the previous posts on this thread, I sort of understand the encoder is enabled anyway.

When I export some audio as mp3, I only find the option “MPEG 1 Layer 3 File”, and it actually works (as expected). What I’d like to know is: is that a Fraunhofer Encoder? A Lame one? Does that matter anyway? I can’t find that information anywhere.


It’s Fraunhofer. You can see that in the Plug-in Information window under Audo-Codec Plug-ins.

Hello Paolo,

Cubase Artist 6 and Cubase 6 have the same installer DVD. With Cubase Artist 6 there is not a full MP3 encoder license included. Only the demo encoder. That is why you see that information.



Many thanks B.

Many thanks also Chris



eLC version:

Yeah the MP3 license thingy is really weird. I have always exported to MP3 with my cubase 5 essential, same now with artist 6. Neiter are supposed to have a full license for that.

Aloha guys and thanks for this thread.

Having just gotten a new dongle I had to register it with MySteinberg
and while doing so I noticed that same MP3 Encoder Expiration date

Mahalo to crohde and chris for the explanation.

Hello Chordsolo,

You have Cubase 6, so you have the full MP3 encoder

The Cubase Artist 6 installation DVD is the same one as Cubase 6, so you will get automaticly the MP3 demo encoder license installed. This license you see in your screenshot.



I forgot to ask: is it possible to cancel the expired demo misleading info from the eLicenser and continue having the MP3 encoder enabled (speaking about full Cubase 6 of course)?


ok, thanks…