Cubase 6 & New Audio Interface

Cubase 6 PC Win7
I changed to a different audio interface and have reset the VST Connections. Old was UR22 and new is Focusrite 18i20.

  1. With the new one, existing project busses do not stay as 18i20 busses after closing and reopening; they revert to the UR22’s busses. I started & saved a new project and the new interface’s busses do stay after closing and reopening. Is it that the Cubase software retains these settings per project? And if so, is there an override.

  2. Having trouble initially installing the 18i20. Have set Devices and VST Connections. Even made it the default playback and record in computer’s sound settings. No audio and no visible audio levels in the channels. Might this be an issue from the Cubase end?



  1. VST Connections Input and Output is a project settings. You have to save the project with the new settings.

  2. I would expect more the issue on the poor Focusrite ASIO driver side.