Cubase 6 - New Quantize Dialog *Video*

So the quantize dialog looks different and works really nicely… i’m a big fan of this change!

Watch it here >>

This video is an update from the Point Blank Online Cubase Course


Nice one Danny, thanks :slight_smile:

That was very nice, thanks.

When you are using that quantize dialog, what is affected? all the track? only the fragment you are editing?

The Sonic SE vid was cool. I was hoping you’d play some instrument sounds to give an idea where it might differ sonically from Halion One.

I must add - and not griping at all, just an observation - it really seems odd to me that (if?) you can’t load Sonic LE with 8-16 outputs or whatever already turned on (not only in itself which I’m sure you can, but in the Cubase mixer)… without using a song template. If you can do that now, very cool. Either way, nice addition to Cubase.

Thanks for the video, and the new Q features are very good. @doremifasol I imagine all notes if nothing is selected, otherwise selected notes…

Another nice video, thanks!

Cheers for that, more stuff to drool over :smiley: