cubase 6 no sound

why dont i have sound. when program is open i dont have any sound on anything but when it is closed i get sound on all my other stuff but not the cubase program. WTF is causing this? everything is fine till i open this program. does anyone know how to call these people to get help?

Hey, the crunge, welcome to the forum!

Way too many possible reasons for your problems to guess without more info from you.

Quickest way to get to where you want to be may be to:

** Make sure you go through your quick start guide, and also try the main operations manual if you haven’t yet.
** Next, try the Steinberg channel on youtube.
**If that doesn’t work try the steps below for more forum help:
** List all your software versions (including which Cubase version you have), and hardware if you’re using it, kind of computer, interface/soundcard, etc.
**Give a step by step description. Like: a) I use a midi keyboard to play a VST, b) I can hear it play but there’s no recording, etc etc
**Can you post a screen shot here? Hit F4 on your computer and send that window.

THat’s a start anyway. Good luck.