Cubase 6 Normalizing

Hello all,

Before I begin, All my levels for recording were set correctly, no Clipping and hovering no higher than -4dB (used QSC Touchmix). Gain structures set accordingly. Not low and not blazing.

So I am having a problem with normalizing. My understanding is that normalizing allows you to boost at selected sections of a track without raising the entire track volume correct? Please forgive me if this is a repeat question.

If so, I am having a problem with this function, specifically on the kick drum track I have. After normalizing the sections, playing it back and saving it works fine. HOWEVER, after I close Cubase 6 and load the project back up, the darn kick track is distorted!

Now I normalized the entire bass track with NO PROBLEM after loading the project, it’s just the darn Kick Track. I have EQ / Compression / Gate / and reverb on the kick track. Disable the compression and gate and still clipping to much! I noticed that after I saved my project when I set my normalization, the audio data was pretty much balanced in terms of dB. When I load the project back up, the peaks are way off…HELP!

Here is a picture of what gain reduction does on the track (kick in this case, but snare track does the same as well).

After I finalize and export the project, the newly created Mp3 works fine! But, after I close the project and load it back up, I get what you see in the image I have attached…This happens when I normalize and / or adjust Gain (in the process tab under normalization) on sections of the track. The wave file turns intro straight bars and that’s where the edits have been done and clipping after I go back and work on my project.

Please help!
Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.17.17 AM.png

I have the same problem. I have been using Cubase 6 for a while , but this just started. The levels that are recorded on QSC TouchMix are very low, so I normalize them. I finish my mix and everything sounds good and clean. When I close the file and then re-open it there is now an extremely loud digital distortion on every track.

Hey Ho,
My name is stooni from Berlin.
I got the same problem with Cubase 8 and I’m getting nuts !
It started yesterday, after working for years without problems.
I also use the QSC Touchmix 16 to record.
But it worked fine since I bought it.
Did you get a solution ?
Please tell me, please !!!
Rock and Roll

Was there ever a resolution for this issue? Same thing just started happening to me. I’m using the Touchmix to record as well.

Normalizing is trying to raise everything on a track up to max volume with no clipping.

I record bass parts from a arranger keyboard and use it to boost the gain of the whole track.
Also good after you bounce an instrument track.

In the digital realm it’s ok to have low recordings, they can be brought up with gain staging.
I would usually use a compressor as well setting levels and maybe normalizing.

Got to get it up where you can hear it in the mix.

I actually decreased the gain using the normalization, used the function to reduce some plosives on extremely short parts of the vocal track, mili seconds. I also had the same issue increasing the gain on tracks using the normal Gain processing. Track was fine while open, and exported without issues to a stereo mix down. When I opened the file later to make adjustments, any track or spot that I had processed was horribly distorted.

When I was using cubase I had 3 hotkeys for processes setup, fade in, fade out, silence.
So then I would go through my finished vocal comp and highlight the beginning of words with plosives and hit fade in, undo and repeat until you get just what you want, after time you get to know what you want, all about proper selection because that’s what gets processed.
Then use fade out for sibilants and silence for breath sounds between phrases.

I’m using S1 now and it doesn’t use wav editing so everything done with handles but it works the same.