Cubase 6 Not Responding

I recently installed Cubase Artist 6 and up until today have had no problems with it, now i am unable to open Cubase and each time i try it freezes at ‘Initilizing: video file handling’ with a pop up saying ‘Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver’. On top of that no sound will work on my computer whatsoever. I am working on a 64bit windows 8 laptop and i apologise for my lack of knowledge on the topic as i’m relatively new to everything given i’ve only had the software for a few days

Maybe there’s something in the knowledgebase for you (.NET framework)? Here
And do you have the latest update for 6.0 installed?

Yes i’ve got the most recent version installed and i’ve also re-installed and that hasn’t worked and the sound from my computer still didn’t work when i had the program uninstalled