Cubase 6 not saving Waves plugin settings...

Ive been trying to open some project files that were originally created in cubase 5. None of the fx settings in the waves plugins are loading correctly. They all load there default settings. I noticed that Cubase 6 doesn’t list “waves” plugins in the same way as Cubase 5. Could this be the problem? The only work around i can think of is loading them in Cubase 5 and saving presets (boooooo) and then reloading them again. Anyone have a better solution?

Aaaaaargh I hate updating my system sometimes.

i should add, I’m using 32bit Cubase on Windows7 64.

read the information about video. Maybe it solves your problem too. It’s obvious your not going to delete roomworks presets. Try this on waves presets.


i think I solved it with a simple reinstall of the waves plugins.

Stupid question then, but why DOES the Cubase plugin seem to offer an opportunity to store a preset, but then deny you? I see that it can recall your settings from a session, but it seems like there is a way to ‘write’ a particular knob setting into the plugin. But you can’t? Am I missing something?