Cubase 6 not seeing Halion and wont update

So Just spent 30 minutes typing up a topic only for it to disappear from the forum, VERY ANGRY CUSTOMER!!!

Lets start again, and try not to get angry, and copy and paste everything to word.

Cubase 6 installed out of the box purchased 2011 reinstalled on a fresh Windows 7 Enterprise 32Bit machine. The machine is stand alone not on the domain but they do have the internet via a proxy.

The problem is Cubase has the Halion Sonic SE installed but when you go into it through Cubase it has all the graphical interface but when you search for files there is nothing.

I had a similar thing with Komplete 8 and kontakt, battery, etc. I had to copy all the files from VST in the native instruments folder in program files to the Steinberg VST folder in Cubase in program files.

I have tried updating Cubase but the Cubase 6.0.7_update doesn’t appear to do anything. Cubase 6.5.5_Update_win says both Halio and Cubase are not installed. Halion_Sonic_SE_1.6.3_Update_win also says it is not installed

I am at a loss please help, we are a school and its the kids suffering as they need these for exams.

Sorry for the trouble positing.

I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling. Since it is a school computer, are there multiple accounts? When you install, do so with the Administrator account and be sure to choose the option “Install for All Users”. Then update to 6.0.7.

If you still have trouble seeing HSSE or updating to 6.0.7, I would suggest contacting technical support through your MySteinberg account for more direct help.