Cubase 6, Novation automap and Waves


I recently bought a nocturn and I am really happy with the concept and automap… But I have a serious problem with automap 4 and Cubase. Normally automap switches to the plug-in which is activated. Problem is this works only 1 of 10 times… I realized that it works with the internal plug-ins of Cubase and UAD but it does only work with Waves plug-ins when first inserted. If I want to control a Waves-Plug-in that I inserted before I have to search through the whole list of mapped plug-ins! This is so time consuming and doesn’t work for me:(

Does anyone have an idea why automap/nocturn doesn’t switch to the current opened plug-in in Cubase when I click on it? In a view video tutorials there is an automap symbol around the plug-in frame. Not so in Cubase - really annoying:(

(In preferences I have selected “Follow Plug-In GUI when possible”)

Can anybody help me?

Thanks and greetings from Austria!