Cubase 6 on another PC after the upgrade to 11 pro

Halo everyone.
Can i move the dongle between 2 computers and operate the older version 6 after the upgrade?

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Yes, you can. With Cubase Pro 11 license, you can run any Cubase <= 11.

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Thank you very much

Just make sure to have the latest license database available on the old computer with Cubase 6. Otherwise, the eLicenser Control Center won’t recognize the new Cubase 11 license. Either use the “update license database” in the eLicenser Control Center’s support menu or download the latest eLicenser Control Center for that.

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Shore. On installing the attached e-license file it detected that i have already the latest version installed.
I went with the cubase 10 insted on that old laptop (the latest for windows7) and both sistems working well. Thanks friends.


Or activate the upgrade on the new computer with the latest eLCC installed. :wink:

That won’t help if the freshly Cubase 11 licensed USB-eLicenser is then connected to an old system with Cubase 6 and no current license database to be found. But anyway, the case is solved.

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