Cubase 6 orchetra template/tutorial?


I have recently purchased Cubase 6, upgrading from Cubase 4VST. I have a few general questions which i hope can be answered :slight_smile:

First off, when I run Cubase 6, sometimes I like to watch video tutorials on the internet. However, when I am running Cubase, I get absolutely no sound from the internet. I cannot watch the videos due to the lack of audio when Cubase is running. When I close Cubase, the sound works fine. Is there any way to remedy this?

Second, I am using Cubase 6 primarily for orchestral composition/film scoring. I was wondering if there are any tutorials of how to best set up an orchestral template for many instruments/articulations. I want to be able to print off a score of my compositions when complete.

I am running Cubase off my SSD on my Win7 64-bit i2500k 16GB comp if that helps



Yes go to Devices-Set up-Release driver when application is in background.