Cubase 6 Pitch Change

My instruction book says to change pitch of a track, click Transport tab, then click Pitch Change.
My Transport has no Pitch Change option.
Any ideas?


Are you talking about Audio or MIDI? Do you want to transpose the whole track or just a Event/Part? Do you want to transpose by semitone or bigger, or by smaller?

One mixed audio track (instruments)

Want to lower the whole track a whole step.


You can select the Audio Event in the Project window and Transpose it (-1) in the Info Line.

That’s different than what my Cubase 6 book says, but I’ll try going in and doing this tomorrow.
I appreciate the info and tomorrow I’ll let you know what happens.

SOLVED! My Cubase 6 Power 1 Comprehensive Guide book said Pitch Shift was in the tab Transport. It wasn’t.
Pitch Shift tab was in Audio!
I dropped it down and everything is swell.
I thank everyone for their assistance on this!