Cubase 6 Plunge

Hey Cubasers,
So I finally got a new computer and am upgrading from SX3 to Cubase 6, just ordered today. A couple of questions for those in the know. I still use an older laptop for remote recordings when I get them, a Pentium 4, 2.8 Ghz, with only 1.25 Gb Ram. Can I still use SX 3 on it after upgrading my dongle? Or would I need to install Cubase 6 on the laptop too?


The only thing I think you will need to do is update the eLicenser application on your laptop so the cubase 6 license will authorize SX3.

Just went through this after I upgraded my nuendo license to 5.5 and Nuendo 5.1 would not open. Think it will be the same with cubase.

Cool, will look into that once I get it.

Yup, SX3 will still work.

As a side note, I did get C6 to run on an old XP PIV 3.2G with 1 gig of ram after updating .net framework to 3.5 sp1 (I think)

And amazingly it ran fine for tracking.

Now that’s great news!!!

yes but the 1.25GB RAM it might be a bit tight even with the onboard plugins…
and with C6 you’d surely want to try them… because they are really quite good.

Not quite so important just for field recording…

However, I’ve run C6 on a Celeron 2Mhz with 1Gb RAM and XP, no issues for recording audio and using a few VSTi even.

2Mhz is impressive :astonished:

Ghz of course! Long day!


Even the good old Z80A ran at 4Mhz :laughing:

My brain hertz!

Congrats Billy. Pay attention to Steinberg’s minimal spec requirement, it ain’t wrong :sunglasses:

Was going to upgrade, but there’s no telephone sales in the USA. :imp:

Oh well, C4 does what I need. I bought a SM-57 to mic my amp instead of using the new amp sim. :wink:

OK, if its for field rec it should work but try and open 2 instances of Reverence on a 1GB System and see what happens. You might not get very far depending on the amount of tracks you have…

I’d rather have a bit more on reserve… like 1.5GB :slight_smile:

It is definitely for field recording only, all the work would be back here on my new computer which is an Athlon Quad Core with 4 GB of ram (may up that since there are 2 spots open). Oh and by the way, it was 2.8 Ghz, which is actually closer to three, :smiley: , anyway, never had a problem recording 20 tracks at a time with it on SX3.


I can run 3 to 4 Reverences on the old 3.2 with 1 gig ram and it works fine. (not my main pooter by the way :laughing: )

On purely audio tracking and editing 1 gig is fine with XP so 3 Gig would be luxury… :stuck_out_tongue:

hey guys

hope I’m not beting a dead horse here…
sorry, I had WIN-7 32bit in my head but the discussion here is about WIN-XP.

I have a different question which may be OT here…

how does Cubase react on your systems when the RAM limit is reached?
I suppose with C6 on WIN-7 64bit there will be no such probs.

Here’s some Data…
WIN-7 32bit - further System specs in the footnote… the following data is from the Task Manager

  • System Start - no other Progs started: 530MB RAM
  • Start Cubase - no Projects loaded: 780MB RAM
  • Load my 40 Tracks “Template” (I use mainly Cubase Plugs and VSTi’s) or other Files in use: Varies between 1.1GB and 1.9GB

On my System if the RAM usage goes over 1.9GB Cubase will crash with the usual “fatal C++ Error” … save your work… bla bla… Mostly in this case I can only boot the System and then it will work OK after the reboot.

I’ve also noticed (since 6.03) that if I load certain older projects either done in C5 oder even 6.02 and if the RAM level is high (near 1.9GB), Cubase will crash with same error message. Most likely this “bug” wont occur with WIN-764bit. I’ve always had this prob and my workaround is just to stay away from the 1.9GB “limit”.

Just wanted to ask if any of you have encountered this and how Cubase reacts with your systems.