Cubase 6 Projects into Cubase 8.5

I’m getting anxious knowing the answer is out there but not, for the moment, in here.!

I have MIDI recordings in my PC from C6. I have 8.5 also loaded running beside C6. I can’t get the same signal path in 8.5 as I have in C6 to open those C6 projects in 8.5. Once I have, I intend to shut down C6 (anyone like to buy it?). I have located the folder where those recordings are but they don’t open in 8.5. They are the same folders that are earmarked for 6 which open fine.What am I missing ?


C6 projects used the same cpr format…you just open the project exactly like in C6

What am I missing ?

Useful info about what you are doing and what is happening…“they don’t open” doesn’t help much I’m afraid…is it the cpr files you are trying to open? Or maybe midi files? What exactly happens when you try?


I’m in the UK. I’ve just come in from an evening meeting discussing finance in various forms and I’m seeking relief from the drinks cupboard. I think it’s the cpr files I’m trying to locate, but I’ll look into it better in the morning and reply. Thank you for yours. Much appreciated. Up to now, I open 8.5, get to the project page which is blank, choose which MIDI file I want to open from my saved recordings made in 6, press ‘activate’ but the recording does not open in 8.5. In 6, it would: no problems. In fact when I want to open the MIDI recording I am asked whether I want to open it in either 6 or 8.5. If I choose 6, no problem:if I choose 8.5, blank screen again.


It’s the cpr files that I’m trying to get into 8.5.


Open Cubase 8.5 and select the cpr from the file menu…open.
If it doesn’t work then explain exactly what happens.

Now this is what happens.

I open 8.5 to the Hub page. I open an Empty page to reveal the blank project page. That’s fine.

I then go the my main OS drive “C” and go Users/Documents/Cubase Projects, which is where all my cpr midi recordings sit. I choose one of them. I’m asked if I want to open it either in 6.5 or 8.5. I choose the latter but nothing appears on the screen. Nothing does as it stays the same as when I first opened it. If I do the same procedure and choose 6.5, it does appear on the 6.5 project page of course.

If I choose the same path as on 6.5 ie on ‘use default location’ ( C/Users/Documents/Cubase Projects) and ‘project folder’ (Untitled), still the midi recording does not show up on 8.5. I suspect this is where the trouble lies but I simply repeat the path that works for 6.5 !

I’m obviously missing something pretty fundamental and stand to seem rather a chump when I’ve cracked this!


Let’s try a more direct route to open a cpr (which is a Cubase project file so no need to create another empty project first) and see if it makes any difference.

Open C8.5 to the Hub.
Click on open other
Browse to the cpr you want to open and double click or select and OK.

Very many thanks. I’ve folllowed your route and----bingo! It’s all there to access. I’m pretty sure I can short circuit it in time but I’ll press on.The next ‘battle’ is getting my midi keyboard ( Korg Oasys 88 key) to be recognised by 8.5 as an instrument to open as a rack intrument so I can use the Render in Place function to turn my midi recordings into audio for mp3/CD etc