Cubase 6 recognizes Mbox midi but not audio driver

I have used Cubase 6 with my Mbox fairly seamlessly for months. Now suddenly, when I try to use Cubase, it no longer recognizes the Mbox. It defaults to an Asio Direct Driver and although the levels are indicating sounds, I cannot hear anything. When I try to switch to the Mbox driver, it says that that hardware is already in use or cannot be found. It does, however, recognize when I play midi through the Mbox – the levels move indicating a signal, but still no output. I’ve tried updating all drivers to no avail. The Mbox control panel indicates no problems and I can use it when I use Reason. Couldn’t find this topic on any prior forums. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I use a PC, AMD Phenom II X6 1055T processor, 4 GB ram, using Windows 7 Professional operating system (64 bits).

Thank you!

Are you sure, the ASIO driver isn’t used by any other application? Could you try to quit all applications except the Cubase, and try to set the Mbox ASIO again?

Almost all ASIO drivers could be used by one application only. Just few multi-client ASIO drivers could be used with more applications simultaneously.