Cubase 6 / recording with microfon? How install?

Hi everybody,

I am working with Cubase 6 on my MacPro, also having PreSonus Digital Audio Firebox 24bit/96k and the keyboard Novation Remote 25SL Compact. Till now I just produced without any singing and voices. But now I will try to record some singing parts, but I am really a beginner in that, a virgin of singing :smiley:

I will buy a microfon next week (comments and ideas are welcome!), but how do I have to install that? hardware & software? How can I record the singing in Cubase 6?

Look forward to receive your notes and ideas. Please explain very clearly, I am not a technical expert…

Thanks in advance for understanding and assistance.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Recording vocals is not very difficult. (singing is more difficult :wink:)
Most microphones have an XLR output (avoid USB microphones!). Your Presonus has 2 XLR inputs, so you can use one of those for recording your microphone. According to the firebox manual, it also has phantom power, so you can use pretty much every microphone you want. Which microphone you buy depends on your budget and also on the room you are recording in. As you are just starting out, I would suggest you get a cheap large diaphragm condensor microphone.
See here for examples. Look up some reviews first!

On the firebox, turn up the corresponding pre-amp knob to amplify the microphone signal. Try to turn it as high as possible without lighting up the clip led.

In Cubase, you simply create a mono audio track, and select your firebox input as input to the track. Enable record on the track, hit the record button and sing away :slight_smile:
If the firebox input does not show as an available input in the audio track, go to VST connections (F4) and assign the inputs there.

Wow, that sounds really easy! I already tried it now (my headphones in place of a microphone) and it works.
Thanks man, that helped me out. So now I am going to read something about microphones now and I will consider your comments!

Thanks again!
U. :bulb: