Cubase 6 running on Windows 7/64

Does it matter on which version of Windows/64, Home or Professional, I will install Cubase 6? Does it run better on Home or Professional?

Edit: As I found out nobody has Cubase 6 yet, Chris maybe you can anwser my question :question:

For Cubase 6, it shouldn’t matter as long as you at least get Home Premium. Professional just has features such as backup and encription that have nothing to do with performance. Professional has better XP compatibility if that matters to you for things other than Cubase 6. Also, RAM support in Home Premium 64 is limited to 16 GB, but most people don’t have more than that,

Thank you for the information.

I use Win 6/64 Home Premium, and I’ve found it to be really nice as far as compatibility with Cubase 5.x. I of course can’t speak for 6, but most of the same rules should apply.

I chose Home Premium after doing a little research, and addition to the encryption stuff, Professional and Business versions, etc… have additional networking options. These networking options can sometimes get in the way of performance, which means if you go with Pro, then you’ll have additional tweaks to disable some network services to optimize performance.

The most awesomest site I’ve found for this is