Cubase 6 Score -- trying to edit lyrics once entered

Hi, am new with Cubase 6.5 Scoring, was using Musescore before. I have a initial vocal score I am working on. I am having difficulty with editing the lyrics once they have been entered. For example, at one point I omitted a syllable when initially entering the lyrics, so the subsequent lyrics are off. I haven’t been able to insert the missed syllable so that it pushes the other lyrics ahead. And I can’t delete the lyrics that are off, I can select them (they appear as white on a blue background) and apparently delete them with the Delete key, but they reappear when I move the mouse away.

Could you post a little screenshot, showing the “selected” lyrics, please?
I’m not sure where you would see “white on a blue background” (I’m on Mac here, and selected lyrics simply highlight in red here… and I can certainly delete them, once selected).

Anyways, once you have succeeded in deleting the existing lyrics, I’m afraid your troubles aren’t quite over yet :wink:
(I’m still racking my brain, trying to find an easier way, but)…

  1. Re-type your lyrics outside of Cubase, e.g. in a simple text editor (typing normally, using regular spaces…if you need to hyphenate, add the hyphen to the end of the first syllable, followed by a space, e.g. “sev- en”).
  2. Copy your typing to the clipboard.
  3. Back in Cubase, select the first note to wish you want the lyrics to belong.
  4. Scores menu>Functions>“Lyrics from Clipboard”.
    (you could, instead, open the Score Settings>Text>Notepad pane, paste your external text into there, select it , then click the “Insert Lyrics” button at the bottom of the pane)

(Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to find a way to copy your existing Cubase lyrics to the clipboard… which would have made the whole thing a lot simpler :wink: )

will try to attach an image, but in taking screenshots I answered my own question. In the PC view, you can only enter text when it is selected (blue) but can only delete when it is selected (red)

(just for my own info, please :wink: )…
I have never seen that blue selection in all the years I have been using Cubase (on Mac)!
If I select an event (such as a lyric), it simply highlights in red (like in your screenshot). What do you do, differently, to get it blue (and what is it supposed to do?). Thanks.

EDIT: Duh! :blush: :stuck_out_tongue: that’s just what it looks like on PC when you double-click. (on Mac, it actually opens a “text field” box.)

[easier] You can, of course, instead of re-typing into an external app, re-type the lyrics directly into Cubase’s Notepad pane (as per #4, above).

Hey Nic, thanks for the answer. I’ve been struggling with this recently. Now I see that it is best to avoid entering lyrics directly into the score editor and use a text editor instead.