Cubase 6 should have 12 Quick Controls for CC121

I’ve started using Quick Controls then mapping them to the CC121’s EQ knobs, which is great! Now I’m using SSL EQs with the cc121’s knobs. But only 8 Quick Control slots on Cubase? The available slots should be expanded to match CC121’s 12 knobs. Also an easy upgrade request I would think (like my other post about having REWIND + STOP = Return to zero). Of course, if this CAN be set somewhere in prefs to 12 QuickControls, please let me know. Thanks!

You can never have too many quick controls!


Thats a clever setup! i wonder if you could point me to a proceedure in the book that would show me how to do that? I often will use a Waves SSL plug on various channels but I’m not sure how I would create a quick control linking the CC121 knob’s to the plug.

I wouldn’t know where it is in the book since I just fiddled around until I figured it out! But the latest PDF for the latest cc121 update tells you how to go into QuickControl mode, then you simply grab the VST parameters from an available list in Cubase’s QuickControl side menu (put a plugin on a track, then go to Quick Controls). Then you can even save that as a preset, so you can just slap it on a new track that has that plugin. Very handy.

Ok…I think I see how to do it…very handy! Thanks!