Cubase 6 - Some audio files are missing - HELP!


Hoping someone can help. We have Cubase 6 in school, and because it has a hissy fit if we are on the network our IT guys last year created local user log-ins for the students to use (therefore not dealing with the network at all)

I have two computers which keep coming up with :-
HALion Sonic SE
Some audio files are missing.
Please check installation

We have erased and re-istalled but this is still coming up. Can anyone help?

Me again,

Have emailed Steinberg asking for help with this problem. Had an automatic email back on Wednesday morning saying we’ll get back to you asap…and haven’t heard anything since.

Are Steinberg quick to answer problems? Or I’m I gonna be chasing them? Haven’t used Cubase since my Uni years, so am very rusty on problems and the Cubase 6 version. Was hoping they’d have a couple of suggestions to help me.