Cubase 6 - Sound Quality is better?


theres been several posts that the “sound quality of c6 is better”. Can you please expand on this. Specifically, are you referring to the timestretching, or the sound of the EQ’s / plugins, the sound of the playback through the mix buss (ie the mix buss is mixing the channels better) , or the sound of the playback, etc ?

personally i think the weakest link is the main buss mixer in c5 that mixes all the channels into the main output buss.

if you load up a track from c5 and hit “render” in c6 are you saying that the file sounds comparatively better than the c5 render?

im intrigued (and excited). i hope there have been improvements.


(ie the mix buss is mixing the channels better)

If Steinberg had improved the summing then I’m sure this would have been very much publicised.
I personally can’t hear any difference.

I don’t use the built in EQ myself, but again I didn’t see any mention of improved EQ algorithms in the release publicity.

The Elastic algos are definitely an improvement though so anyone using stretch in a project will have improved sound quality in that respect…actually massively improved!

Really? Where?

Well, I find that internet forums are ripe with misinformation. There were people on the old forum who claimed that they heard a difference between C4 and C5 when C5 was released. It took about 2 minutes to prove every single one of those people 100% incorrect.

Unless someone did a C5/C6 null test - properly - and came out with two files that did not null, well, there goes your misinformation.


The simple answer. The mixer / channel eq / summing etc has NOT changed.

There are new time stretch / elastiq audio algos, but not the audio engine.

Yes, we would have heard about it loudly if there had been changes.

It would have broken backwards compatibility if eq algos changed etc etc.

Why do you think the audio engine quality needs improvement?

Cheers. Brendan.

hi Brendan, basicially i was under the impression that the “audio engine” code had been updated from some ppls posts (on here and Gearslutz) . thats cool if in reality it is identical just was interested to know.


People with long memories will remember that similar claims were made when SX was introduced, and IIRC there was no change between VST5.2 and SX1. As said above, if there had been any changes, they would have been publicised, and the differences may be down to the improvement in timestretch quality which is massive.

C6 is better than your hearing :wink:

Which is also true to all modern DAWs.

hmm yeah i dunno about that. my hearing has never crashed…cant say the same thing about Cubase.


Woooah! What was that? :astonished: Was it a bird? No! What is a plane? No! Was it Superman? No! Was it a message?