hi everybody
im having a strange problem, i recorded audio from synth into cubase 6 via my 828 mk2 and everything sounded lovely and clear, but all of a sudden on playback its full of cracking and pops and static,
the strange thing is if i use the speaker icon left of the colour tool to playback its perfectly clear??
this is so strange?

any ideas?

and just to mention i haven’t added any effects and the audio isn’t clipping.

thanks. j

Aloha c

Sounds very strange. Just a shot-in-the-dark-here.

Since you only have one (or a few) audio files,
(first back-up-back-up-back up)


1-Try moving your audio file(s) to another track. If that does not work,

2-Try moving your audio files to another (empty/new) song by
a-exporting the audio file(s) and then
b-import them into a new Cubase song.

I have on occasion had songs that get corrupted and I can never find
out how I corrupted it. (pilot error)

So to save some time I will just export—> (audio/MIDI files)
then import into a fresh new C6 song and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.

You might loose some settings but this way your actual work is saved.

It’s a long way around but it might help.

Oh yeah, one more thing: back-up-back-up-back up.


I have had this problem, too, and on a system that has no problem with analog instruments. In my case it was a B3 patch from PadshopPro Pro. It seems to be strictly a midi playback problem but I can’t tell you why. My solution was to reduce the playback volume on the track - because the crackles become more apparent as I turn the track up! - and then export it as an audio track, return it to the project and replace the midi track with the audio wave track. Once it’s a wave file the crackles are gone and I can adjust the volume all I want.

If anybody can figure this out, I would be very interested to learn the solution. Since Cubase is reported as very midi friendly for thousands of users it seems I perhaps have something set up incorrectly. That said, I have recorded other patches/voices that did not do this. in my case, I just reckoned it was the B3 patch and moved on.

So my question to the OP would be to ask if all the midi recordings you made do this or if it is just certain patches/voices?