Cubase 6 still not Aero?

Got Cubase 6 upgrade yesterday, checking it out to see if it should be rolled out to the whole department.

One thing that has struck me upon first loading it - despite Cubase 6 being WINDOWS 7 ONLY - the interface STILL ISN’T AERO!

Having set my colour scheme to how I like it (slightly green grey I find to be easiest on the eye) having crappy grey-blue non-aero-accellerated borders and titles on everything seems pretty poor.

Why is a Windows 7 exclusive application still using XP-era visuals?

I don’t understand, Aero is a part of Windows 7. Not a part of the applications.
Any program works if Aero is enabled, right?

Aero actually uses some CPU so it is better to disable it in DAWs.

Do you really think that’s important enough? Will you make better music if they changed its look to “aero”? Come on, it’s a DAW, not a picture to look at.

i work on Windows XP and Windows 7, and now I’m using it happily on both systems. I would be really pissed if it only worked on Windows 7.


I bet during the life cycle of C6 it will stop working well on XP. some functions will causes crashes etc. You shouldn’t be surprised when it happens because it’s not supported.

The whole point of Aero is that it offloads CPU use onto the GPU.

Windows WITHIN Cubase are not Aero - i.e. they have solid grey-blue (a colour you can’t change btw) borders rather than transparent borders that other, presumably ‘aero-enabled’ applications have.

Old XP applications have the same issue with internal windows being non-aero.

Actually no, the whole point of Aero is to be eye candy. :smiley:

And it DOES use some CPU on top of the GPU. Every percent counts, for me atleast.

They’re aero here? For example…call up the audio export window. Aero as hell.


I really hate this baby blue basic color !
Here you can get a decent black ( I recommend ‘Redux’ ) and other colors :
A new ‘Colors 3.0’-set is in the making.

not Aero, but better than the default basic color !

bye, Jan

Try this: maximize project window > The blue disapear. Save it as a workspace for example alt+1. The other "blue non aero window (the only) is the mixer > right click choose always on top. The blue disappear. Save is a workspace; alt+2.

yes this is the way to get round it, and I agree with the OP the windows within windows need a redesign they spoil the whole GUI and cubase 6 has had some serious work done on the whole GUI so it’s a shame they’ve left out this detail.

Regarding Aero, it’s NOT just for eye candy. As someone has already pointed out, the whole point of Aero is to offload the GUI onto the GFX card which for us DAW users is a very good thing.Another reason windows 7 is a better OS for a DAW than XP.


Good point! It appears only the windows I just happen to have open all the time are still not aeroified! (Arrange Window, Mixer, Pool, Marker List, VST Performance, VST Instrument etc etc) :wink:

Any way of doing this without the project window spanning both of my displays?

Yeah ok, I see what you mean now. Thought you were refering to the old XP blue. I don’t mind though. I think C6 looks extremely nice now. Thumps up!

The ‘always on top’ option perhaps should be renamed ‘… and aeroify’! That seems to have done the job for all but the arrange and pool windows. The black theme has taken care of the rest!

Shame the always on topped windows disappear when you bring a different app to the foreground :frowning:


Here’s what cubase 6 looks like with a dark win 7 theme

cubase 6 screen grab.jpg

Aloha Marcus
and tanx for that screenshot.

I cannot speak on Aero because i’m a mac user but I would love to see more
pix of other users layouts/colour schemes/window choices etc

Great ideas out there.

Wish there was a forum just for screenshots.

Anyway once again thanks for yours

Excuse the off topic but I’m unable to see image attachments like the one above in Firefox (3.6.13), but I can in Internet Explorer. Any of you have similar problems? I would like to know if it’s a thing of Firefox configuration or forum incompatibility.


The issue you’re referring is a function of Cubase being programmed as an MDI. All MDI’s behave this way.

It is an issue that has been discussed before and will not change in the near future without quite a overhaul of the Cubase programming architecture to move away from MDI. It is not a simple fix and one that comes from the decision to build Cubase as an MDI long before Aero was around.

Aero in MDI child windows is not a possibility at this time. The windows API has spoken.

p.s. You could always come over to Mac where this isn’t a problem. :smiley:



Not if it means only being able to resize windows from the bottom right corner! :wink:

I bet it doesn’t.


Are there still problems with Aero and the project cursor? In 5.5, during playback, the cursor vanishes and reappears. When I fast forward (Shift or Ctrl +/-) the cursor disappears completely until I release the keys.