Cubase 6 - Studio Manager integration problems :(

Hi Guys,

I have got Studio manager running, and controlling my Yamaha LS9-32 in stand alone, but when i open
studio manager in Cubase 6, it does not recognize the LS9.

I have tried saving the worktop from standalone studio manager, and importing it in the cubase version, but it says it
does not recognize the ls9 input and outputs, and then says that i should check that the ls9 component is installed correctly.


I have searched and searched, and cannot find any information about “installing a component in cubase 6”
Further, if i find out how to install a component, where will i find this LS9 component?

It must be possible, studio manager works with the LS9 and Cubase 6 works with studio manager.

What am i missing?

HELP PLEASE!!! :blush:

Hi Joe,
I have the same problem with my 01V96i. It seems that the Studio Manager doesn’t work in 64 bits inside Cubase. I haven’t find a solution. (maybe going to Win 7 32 bits … it’s a shame)
Let me know if you ear about solution :slight_smile:

Hope Yamaha will find a solution: