Cubase 6 supported?

Does this work with C6 or is it limited to c6.5?



The ROTSKI component needs to be previously installed in order to be able to communicate with Cubase.

Cubase iC Pro should then work with C6, although it is not officially supported and hasn’t been thoroughly tested.

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Hi Strangy,

Officially only Cubase 6.5 is supported, not Cubase 6.

Thanks for the reply.
Shame it’s impossible to demo, so I’ll await some C6 user feedback! see how they get on…

Seems to be working on 6.0 here. Could be an exception, not the rule, however…

In application info on AppStore and in User Guide it says that it supports Cubase 6 AI, but mine could not work
(app could not make connection to Cubase AI, although my computer and Cubase version is recognized by iC pro.
I have even try with free iPhone version (Cubase iC), but it freezed every time when I tap connection button.


Hi Alex,

Connection issues are more related to your computer and the Steinberg Remote component.
You can go through all the items of Cubase iC Pro’s troubleshooting:
In your case, I’d suggest you to restart your Cubase first and try again.
Perhaps your network is already downloading or uploading something in the background and therefore the connection hangs more than it should.

There are a few threads already on this forum, I invit you to read them.
If it still doesn’t work then just create a new thread with the description of your problem and what you’ve already tried to do.


Not sure if you’ve found a solution. Windows 7 users need to download and install Bonjour Print Services (you don’t need iTunes) then check this link which covers setting up connections for both Mac and PC. Was the simplest explanation I found. Your Mac or PC will need to be WiFi enabled. This has already proved very useful and I’d like to see more than the basic functionality offered in future versions. Great App!