Cubase 6 - thank you Steinberg - it's Beautiful!!

So, I skipped the v5 upgrade due to price as I felt it was too expensive and poor experience, friends who did upgrade really hated it, though a little less with v5.5., and ofc the forums here never really filled me with any confidence! Anyway, stuck with v4 as it just worked great for me.

Checked the new v6 features and i have to say many of them really appealed to me and my workflow, plus I felt the price was right this time. Ordered yesterday 26th received today 27th, installation and registration was flawless :smiley: it was particularly nice not have to install a whole load of steingberg libraries for optional products that I never use.

ok, so I’ve only had an hour or so of use but can honestly say this version is fantastic I really have to disagree with all the negative comments I have read so far on the forum. No doubt there will be bugs to iron out but this version kinda feels like a Windows 7 moment, you know after years of trying they finally get it right.

I’ve been with Steinberg since Pro24 and it really has been a long journey, I think with this version you have made me a very happy person!

Thank you Steinberg

Ordered yesterday 26th and received today 27th???
You ARE a LUCKYMAN! :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for mine, ordered 21th.

+1 Howser

A great experience installing and using Cubase 6. It looks and sounds awesome

And Steinberg have had ‘a larger than expected demand’ which can only be a good sign, even if the wait for it is a long one, its worth the wait.

I think demand will stay strong, as next we’ll see Magazine reviews on how great it is!

I think Cubase 6 will attract a lot of new users…

totally agree 100% even if i am using it on xp :wink:


Hi, I’m new in these forums.
I ordered just few minutes ago the upgrade form Cubase 5 to Cubase 6.
I have one question: I have the usb license in a little usb key. When I will install the upgrade, it’s necessary another license? Or can I use the license I just have?

Many Thanks.

Corrado :slight_smile:

You will add a license to the key you already have.

You’ll receive a new code which will update your existing license.

Ok, many thanks. :slight_smile: FINALLY!! CUBASE 64-BIT ON MAC!!! Whoaaaa!!! :wink:

Lol, wut? Cubase 5 is much better than C4, and C4 was left buggy whereas Cubase 5 was generally solid. I really can’t see how someone could have hated Cubase 5 (even before 5.5 patch) but liked Cubase 4.

Well, you could have configured the colour scheme in Cubase 5 to match Nuendo’s :wink:

I am pretty sure I’ll upgrade from 4.5 to 6, but I think I’ll wait a few months and let you guys debug it!
Thanks in advance.

Wait all you like…we’re enjoying it bugs & all :wink:

Seriously after 7 days use it works well enough that I can’t see me opening 5.5 again.

Yep same here!

So far nothing but a highly pleasurable experience! :slight_smile: