Cubase 6 to 11? upgrade

Hi, I’m wondering if I have any options to upgrade my Cubase 6 to the current version 11. On the sales page in the upgrades list it doesn’t state Cubase 6 only Cubase Artist 6. Which is a bit weird. Can anyone advise?

You need the update, not the upgrade.

Ok thanks. So the Cubase Artist 6 listing is relevant for me then?

No. the update You want to go from the product to its paid update. Not to upgrade to a more expensive product.

Ok sorry I got you. Thanks. I think that question should have been is there a path from my current 6 to Artist 11?

Ahah! Now I see. :man_with_probing_cane:
No, because they don’t offer a downgrade. Even if they did the savings would be miniscule, 6 to 11 pro is very cheap. You have profited from being patient. (or stubborn!) :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry, I was a little confused I think. Just thought I wouldn’t need all of the features in Pro but hey, I may as well have them! :slightly_smiling_face: I think it’s been a little laziness on the music making front and now I’m having my hand forced due to OS upgrade! Thanks for your help.

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