Cubase 6 to 6.5 license problem?

I recently downloaded upgrade to Cubase 6.5. Since then when i start the application, it keeps telling me “No valid license found”. I downloaded the latest ( version of eLicenser Control Center, performed all mantainance tasks, but it doesn’t help. I also tried to activate it again with my Cubase 6 activation code, but it tells me that there’s already one product registered with that number (my Cubase 6).
Please help me,

Did you just download the update, or did you actually buy it and got an update on your C6 license to C 6.5?

I just downloaded the update. I just read now that it’s “payable”. So i can’t use Cubase 6.5 with my Cubase 6 license without paying? The store where i bought Cubase 6, says it’s payable only for Cubase 4/5 users…
What’s the best solution there, downgrade to 6.0.7 version? Where should i pay for 6.5 at all, can i do it here on the Steinberg site?

When did you register Cubase 6?

Check here to see if you are eligible for the grace period update …

If not, you can purchase the update through the Cubase 6.5 page in the Steinberg online shop.

thanks! i found it in the meanwhile…
one more thing, is it available for EDU version of Cubase 6?

The grace period update? I’m not positive but I would surely think so.

Did you enter your eLicenser number to see if you qualify?

Oh, sorry, not for the grace period - i don’t qualify to that.
I ment for upgrading at all…

Maybe an EDU version user will come along to let you know for sure.

I don’t see any reason why they would limit the EDU version as far as updating to 6.5 goes.

Have you tried to contact Steinberg support for an official statement?

Hi there,

The grace period is valid for EDU licenses as well. :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry for reopening this topic, but in the meanwhile i decided to buy an upgrade to 6.5, especially since the grace period for cubase 7. The only problem is that i don’t see the option to buy it online from steinberg web - it says contact the local dealer. I remember it was possible a month ago, when i downloaded 6.5 trial, which im using since.
What are my options now to buy it online? I don’t want to contact a local dealer, i didn’t even buy my cubase 6 there…
Any help would be appreciated…

It’s a €49 update so of course they don’t want to give you a grace period update to 7 on this.
That’s why it’s currently removed from site.

C6 to C7 is going to cost you €199 and you can buy online from Dec 6th.
If that’s too steep for you in one go they’ll presumably reintroduce the 6.5 update at some point after 7’s release.

EDIT: Hmmnn… I just read they may not reintroduce the 6.5 update at all which is an odd choice.

Having an update to a ‘old’ version does not make any (business) sense, I don’t expect to see the 6.5 upgrade to come back once Cubase 7 is released, but that’s just me. :smiley:

Hey Grim, thanks for the answer, but there is a grace period.
Anyhow i downloaded the 6.5 trial and it’s running out these days. I guess it would be fair of Steinberg to allow me to buy the same thing i was given a chance to try (with the trial activation on dongle)…
If possible I would appreciate some answer from Steinberg guys, since the support is not available for my country.
If buying of 6.5 will not be possible, i will have to uninstall 6.5 trial and go back to 6, that seems not so common. And since they still offer download of 6.5 i guess it must be possible to buy it.

No, it´s no longer possible to buy a 6 to 6.5 update.