Cubase 6 to 8 Upgrade

Hi guys

First time posting so here goes… :smiley:

I’ve been running Cubase 6 for a couple of years now, and felt it was time I upgraded! I purchased the upgrade from Cubase 6 to 8 and downloaded it and installed it with no issues.

My problem comes when I attempt to register it. On opening the ELC licence centre, it says my licence is for Cubase 7 and therefore won’t let me update. However I’ve never installed Cubase 7!

Any ideas as to why this is?



Hi Paul,

it seems like you activated your Cubase 6 license within the Grace Period of Cubase 7 whitout knowing it. You should have been able to work with Cubase 7 the past two years. Anyway, I would recommend for you to contact our Online-Shop and cancel your current purchase. Then you can purchase the right update for you (from Cubase 7 to Cubase Pro 8) which is actually cheaper than the one you’ve bought now.