Cubase 6 Trial Expired (and I can't access my projects!)

Yikes… I’d been trying out Cubase 6 Artist (I’d been a 5 Essential user), and I guess I lost track of the calendar, since my trial unexpectedly expired this morning. Problem is, I’d done a lot of work in the new version, and now my old version cannot open those project files!

I’ve ordered the upgrade from Essential 5 to Artist 6, which was a great deal, but it will take at least a couple of weeks to receive the package! Meanwhile, I really need to keep working over that time, so I’m looking for other options. If I buy a new e-licenser (I can pick one up locally), might I be able to get another 30-day Cubase 6 trial?

Thank you for your help. I’m in a bit of a panic!

It says this on the demo page

The Cubase 6 Trial license can only be activated once per USB-eLicenser!

Which suggests that you can put another demo license on a new dongle.